The Episcopal News Service has done a piece on Transmission, the album. It’s worth checking out:

Nearly two years after performing at the Episcopal Church’s General Convention where his debut album, “Rotation,” became one of the Episcopal bookstore’s best selling items, Isaac Everett is back with a second release.

“Transmission,” a collaboration with lyricist j. Snodgrass, follows the ordo of a mass while telling a story that is rooted in Everett’s and Snodgrass’ experiences as young Christians in New York City.

“I wanted the songs to portray the urban, gritty feel of the city, the rush of people, the subways,” says Everett, a 26-year-old musician in his final year at New York’s Union Theological Seminary. “I wanted people to feel the reality of the city grind and experience the presence of Christian spirituality within that.”

You can read the rest here.